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“I will put my best foot forward to go that extra mile for every single one of my clients during this difficult time of adversity in their lives.”   – Lee Steven Chapelle, President

Our goal is full commitment to providing support, extensive insight, knowledge and security to anyone facing the prospect of incarceration. Ready to prepare you for all aspects of imprisonment; ensuring the provision of accessible, responsive and efficient services to meet the needs of our clients and their families. We provide education, advocacy, comfort and support at a time when it is needed most.

Canadian Prison Consulting Inc. is a private consulting firm that provides case specific information on Canadian corrections and prisoner rights protections for inmates, and their families. CPC Inc. is Canada’s PREMIER advocacy based service for anyone facing or currently serving time in the Canadian Correctional System. We offer comprehensive jail preparation services for incarceration and day-to-day life while in custody. Providing useful tools and invaluable information designed to ease the transition and make the most productive use of incarceration while minimizing the actual time spent in custody.

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Canada’s leading advocacy based service for anyone facing, or currently serving, jail time in the Canadian Correctional System. Through extensive firsthand experience and knowledge of the Canadian justice system and correctional process, we effectively assist those charged with criminal offenses prepare for jail. Our jail advisers offer unparalleled insight and information on Canadian corrections, and are leaders in the field of inmate rights protections. Our goal is for our clients to do their time as productively and smoothly as possible.

Jail preparation services include awareness and preparation sessions for the family of the accused. We recognize the need and importance of informing and assisting the family of the convicted person as it is not just the offender who serves time. In many ways, the family members of incarcerated persons also do time, they just happen to do it within the context of the community.

We work with you to initiate a proactive approach designed to lower sentences and lay the foundation for earning early release. We are well resourced and fully equipped to help with all post-sentencing prisoner rights protections. Our knowledge is fresh and up to date; we have been there and can greatly reduce your stress and anxiety.

Our President and founder, Lee Steven Chapelle, learned his lessons in life the hard way. As a wayward youth, he first found himself behind bars at the age of sixteen. Much of his young adult life was spent incarcerated. He has firsthand experience with the following penitentiaries:

  • Archambault – Maximum Security
  • Millhaven Population (J Unit) – Maximum Security
  • Millhaven Reception (MAU) – Maximum Security
  • Kingston Penitentiary (KPTD) – Maximum Security
  • Collins Bay – Medium Security
  • Joyceville – Medium Security
  • Fenbrook – Medium Security
  • Bath – Medium Security
  • Frontenac – Minimum Security
  • Beaver Creek – Minimum Security
  • Pittsburgh – Minimum Security

Struggling to find meaning after receiving an extended sentence, Lee started advocacy work for inmates from within the system, and served numerous years in the various roles of Inmate Committee Chairman (elected position), Unit Representative (elected position), Peer Counselor and Grievance Coordinator.

Lee discovered that he had a skill for conflict resolution, and was frequently called upon by both inmates and staff to negotiate peaceful resolutions to tricky situations. He possesses a unique skill set that allowed him to work within the system, while at the same time maintaining the respect of his peers.

Throughout his years of advocacy work, Lee has had extensive dealings with prison administrators and staff alike. He is a relentless lobbyist for inmate/human rights, and understands the intricacies of the system in ways that allow him to advocate efficiently and effectively.

He has supported hundreds of federal inmates navigate their way successfully through the system, providing assistance with rights information and protection, parole applications and parole hearing preparation. Even/especially prior to entering the system, there are many things individuals can do to ease the transition to incarceration.

Lee brings a compassionate, mindful approach to his work. His reflective and empowering style of communication fosters a sense of trust and security, allowing people working with him to gain the information and inner resources necessary to do their time effectively.

Lee works actively with clients to promote addressing the issues that led to their charges and/or incarceration so that they are not simply “doing time” but rather using their time productively to address the issues that led to their incarceration. This approach lays the foundation to early release, and just as importantly, staying out.

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350 Queens Quay West
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 3A7
Main: (416) 979-7163




350 Queens Quay West
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 3A7
Main: (416) 979-7163


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